Pandemic Wedding

The world is now facing a pandemic situation. All countries are implementing lock-down and shutdowns to stop this virus. Due to these, the lifestyle of human civilization is getting interrupted. The work, business, shopping, wedding, gathering, etc all those kinds of stuff stop functioning.

Recently India declared Unlock 1.0 to sterilize the economy and human lifestyle also. The government allows shops, markets, malls, restaurants to open their services with definite terms and conditions. Weddings in India are an elegant occasion since it’s considered a big breakthrough for people across cultures.

As a wedding planner, we have to set protocols for the sake of the safety of employees, guests, and vendors. Before the ceremony, we ensure our team regarding safety measures. There are some points given below that we have to maintain during the wedding ceremony:

  1. Spacious Venues – According to the situation we prefer a spacious environment instead of Indoor halls or banquets so that we can maintain a minimal distance between guests and employees and manage proper ventilation over there.
  2. Proper sanitization – Sanitization is the prior thing during this time. We sanitize our complete task force with the outsider vendors and their equipment. We also sanitize the venue where the wedding going to be done.
  3. Mask is essential – Mask is the best way to protect yourself and others from viruses. So we request everyone inside the venue by including the back staff to wear any kind of mask.
  4. New groomed staff – Some new kits are added in our regular uniform. Every service boy, kitchen staff, banquet designers, set designers, light designers, and others are carrying a bag which includes their mask, sanitizer, gloves, and caps.
  5. Upgrade service style – it’s a challenge for us to face this kind of situation. Our tiny mistake can create mass turbulence. Indian weddings are acquainted with buffet service but we tried to serve the gathering with our arranged table system or dining system.
  6. Guideline displays – We try to aware people by affixing posters in the surroundings of the venue. We provide the guideline board or posters with safety kits to the respected areas. We highlight there to sanitize hand with an interval, avoid mass gathering, don’t touch any other items of the venue, use your mask, etc
  7. Hand Sanitizing points – We installed several Sanitizing zones where guests can wash their hands and can also sanitize them. We fix sanitizing sections during the entry and at the food service stations so that we can maintain a hygienic environment.

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