The Divine Knot

This earth is a sign of a bond of adoration. It portrays the diligence of the innermost purity. The word Commitment lies inside this purity. This commitment abides with a knot. That knot is known as love. The same sensation applies to every individual. We all are connected with a knot made of trust, faith, kindness, dedication, and love.

People are marrying each other which gives the complete touch to their life. The rituals, traditions, and customs are made to symbolize the hidden principles of our culture. Our culture harmonizes two individuals to get their ultimate eternity.

In Hindu weddings, there is a notion where both bride and groom hold each hand and move around the fire, promising each other to give ultimate happiness till their last breath. Indian weddings and their designs welcome and appreciate the couples for their new journey of life. There is a knot tied amid them that signify the fragrance of bond and unbending chemistry.

Portray Moment pictures to enhance that chemistry and make it more memorable. We catch those dazzling moments in a frame and present it to respected families. We always believe that Divine Knot. Yes, it unites us all with the source.

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